Introducing Sol-Air Station.  The First Solar Powered Air Station

unique product that has a zero carbon footprint to inflate bicycle and vehicle tires by using the power of the sun.

Electricity is not needed, the station can be placed anywhere.

The Sol-Air Station 
A Good Investment

Change the perception of your parking or bike facility.  Adds value to the services you provide.

Low maintenance and no monthly operating costs

Doesn’t add to your facilities carbon footprint or green house gas emissions totals.

Meet county, state and federal regulations with the Sol-Air Station as an incentive to your facility rather than an expensive expansion project.

Provide air service service for bicycles and vehicles.where electricity is not readily available for a conventional air station.

When strategically placed can provide service for bicycles. 

 Bring piece of mind to your commuters so that they don’t have to rely on a gas station for convenient or emergency air service.